MacPhee, Christopher - Superintendent of Schools
McKibbin, Debbie - Deputy Superintendent
Blackstock, Lisa - Director of Learning Services
Greene, Steve - Director of Technology, Learning and Facilities
Guindon, Mike - Secretary Treasurer
Central Office
Bowes, Jackie - Executive Assistant
Howard, Meghan - HR / Administrative Assistant Learning Services
Young, Annette - Coordinator, International Education Program
Grenon-Lafontaine, Martine - Homestay Coordinator
Lee, Marilyn - Assistant Coordinator
Ratzke, Lynne - Family School Liaison Counsellor
Board of Trustees
Picard, Carol - Trustee Chair
Rheaume, Arlene - Trustee Vice Chair
Rowed, Scott - Trustee
Smith, Jen - Trustee
Sunderland, Luke - Trustee
Dack-Doi, Nadine - Principal, Exshaw School
Holthuis, Hans - Assistant Principal, Alpenglow, Canmore Collegiate High School
Keon, Jody - Assistant Principal, Banff Elementary School
Kestle, Craig - Assistant Principal, Lawrence Grassi Middle School
Larson, Darin - Lead Teacher, Instructional Excellence
Lee, Colleen - Coordinator, Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre
Miles, Natasha - Principal, Lawrence Grassi Middle School
Prescesky, Peter - Coordinator of Outdoor Learning
Rogers, Chris - Principal, Alpenglow, Banff Community High School and Canmore Collegiate High School
Shoemaker, Mike - Assistant Principal, Banff Community High School
Skwara, Nicole - Assistant Principal, Elizabeth Rummel School
Trottier, Nadine - Principal, Banff Elementary School
Wityshyn, Brian - Principal, Elizabeth Rummel School
Finance & Accounting
Gregovic, Konstantin - Assistant Secretary Treasurer / Controller
Enns, Gloria - Payroll Administrator/Benefits
Russell, Maureen - Accounts Payable
Mueller, Cindy - Transportation Manager
Lewis, Elizabeth - Transportation Assistant Manager
Go, Yong - Technical Support
Health & Safety
Wing, Scott - Health and Safety
Facilities & Maintenance
Ernewein, Joe - Maintenance Supervisor
Goneau, Marc - Custodian Supervisor
Pelonia, Cleo - Assistant Maintenance Supervisor