CRPS Staff Wellness Challenge

2017 Wellness Challenge


  • Picture evidence is required for each completed challenge.
  • All challenges must be completed by 100% of staff members (or as close to 100% as possible- this means everyone...teachers, EAs, administration, maintenance,bus drivers).
  • In recognizing we are celebrating 150 years in Canada - we challenge you to get 150 points
  • Have fun!!!


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  • Designate 1-2 staff members to be in charge of organizing your school's wellness challenge tasks and take a silly picture of these staff members. *20 points*
  • Take a staff selfie in the weirdest place you can think of. *25 points*
  • Have a minimum of 1 staff party in the remainder of  the year. *30 points *
  • 80% of your staff shows up wearing PINK on Bullying Awareness Day *50 points*
  • Play any game of your choice. *35 points*
  • Practice yoga for a minimum of 10 minutes. *35 points*
  • Go on a ‘walking field trip’ to a destination of your choice and take a selfie. *40 points*
  • Do something in nature. *40 points*
  • Have a photo shoot with props. *50 points*
  • Complete a craft or art project. *50 points*
  • Practice mindfulness for a minimum of 10 minutes. *50 points*
  • Create a staff-related literacy display. *60 points*
  • Recognize/Celebrate three students OR staff members throughout the year as health champions (mental, nutritional, physical etc.) and post their success/achievements within the school or on website. *75 points*
  • Host a family hot lunch, serving only Choose Most Often foods. *75 points*
  • Pick one student from each class or grade and fill their lockers/desks  with something (balloons/sparkles/flowers etc.) *75 points*
  • Complete a random act of kindness for another school within the division. *100 points*
  • Have a staff member teach colleagues a new skill (how to knit, play the guitar, cook jambalaya etc.) *100 points*
  • Complete a community beautification/clean-up project. *100 points*
  • Complete a school improvement project (painting, feng shui an area, small renovation etc.) *200 points*
  • Create a staff and student wall of gratitude. What are you thankful for? *60 points*
  • Host a smoothie exchange breakfast, where all teachers bring in various types of healthy smoothies to share! *75 points*
  • Sing a song, learn a dance, or create a team cheer as a staff! *100 points*

Once you have completed your challenge events, email the pictures and a brief blurb about your events to Kate Belford ( by June, 15 2017.  We hope to show the photos at our welcome back lunch and announce winners.