Canadian Rockies Public Schools welcomes both the opportunities and the challenges that emerging educational technology brings as we prepare our children to thrive in the exponentially changing 21st Century. CCHS, BCHS and LGMS have 1:1 partnerships with parents, while all our schools provide a variety of means to access rich online resources, as well as tools for creativity, communication and collaboration. Within our Google Suite platform CRPS staff work with our students on a continual basis around Digital Citizenship learning.  We outline expectations to all of our students as it pertains to respect of others and using all tools and resources for educational purposes only. This partnership reflects the continuing work of Inspiring Hearts and Minds in engaging today's learners and providing opportunities to learn using 21st Century skills to acquire knowledge for a changing world inside and out of school. 

We also continue to invest in student learning by ensuring a robust infrastructure via a Shared Services Partnership with Chinooks Edge School Division and a growing collaboration between several school divisions.

Canadian Rockies Public Schools supports the Learning and Technology Policy Framework: Today’s generation has seen the rise of knowledge as a key resource of the world’s economy. In the future, Alberta’s economy will be even more knowledge-based, diverse and grounded in value-added industries. If we are to shape the future of education and not have it shaped for us, we must become more purposeful in our approach to technology. We need to understand what may be emerging, its implications, and how it can be used for education. Ultimately, the power of technology should be harnessed to support innovation and discovery, not simply to aid teaching. We need to engage learners to use these new technologies as designers and creators of knowledge.