Sarah Jane Murphy
Full- time athlete, diploma in adventure tourism management,
and promoter of happiness

Number of years spent at CRPS: 13 (Kindergarten-grade12)
Greatest Accomplishments: 2010 olympic athlete as New Zealand's first representative at the Olympics for biathlon, learnt German and Italian during my 5 years of racing world cups, raced the Arctic Circle race in Greenland- placed 3rd, represented Canmore collegiate in our sister town of Higashikawa, Japan, being voted humanitarian in both grade 8 and 12 by fellow classmates, received the citizenship twice from the rotary club.


Sarah shares some of her fondest memories of our school system and offers words of advice for both parents and students:


I was lucky to get along well with all of my teachers, and although I missed 100 classes my grade 12 year because of biathlon, all my teachers were very supportive of my sporting career. It's impossible to choose one story or choose one teacher that has stood out - for example, one helped me paint my old van as the nz biathlon vehicle, one signed me up for a training camp where I met many Olympians and really pushed me to go for the Olympics, and one taught me the patience of working with others in difficult situations. We did do a talent show presentation involving some of the teachers which was hilarious, albeit confusing. The teachers were great sports though :)


My most vivid memory is the fear I had moving from grade 8 in the middle school, to grade 9 in the high school. In the end, it was a smooth transition and the teachers were amazing, but I will not deny I was very scared! My favourite class was mechanics, where I learnt a lot of new skills which I still hone into today (can't quite say the same for my chemistry!), and where the women were a lot of time better than the boys! I think I did every class I could in high school, and I have amazing memories from every single one- building snow caves, rapping about the effect of drugs in biology, and making fools of ourselves in social studies with video presentations for mr. George.


The school system in Canmore is absolutely amazing, and without it, I would not be the person I am today. 7 years later and I am still in contact with many of my past teaches, even from kindergarten. The support the schools showed for athletes made it possible for me to reach my dream of competing at the Olympics, and pass school with honours. They understood the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle and education.

I would highly recommend these schools to every parent and family. You are a person in Canmore, not just a name, and they are prepared to take the steps help you succeed in life and schooling. The backdrop is perfect to feed the adventurous students, the artistic students, the crafty students, and the dedicated students, and even motivate the lazy students!


Go for it and try everything! It wil be over fast, and If you can fit it all in, do it! Make friends with the janitor- I did, and 6 years later he rememberd me and said having a student say hello to him made his day that much better! To the parents- don't make your children peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches. Thanks dad :)