World Geography SSN 3166

(3 credits)


World Geography is a 3 credit course that introduces you to geography as a field of study of the Earth. In World Geography you will learn about the following course objectives:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the content, processes, and methods of the inquiry that characterize geography as a social science discipline.
  2. Distinguish among the main areas of geographical study.
  3. Describe the basic physical systems that impact daily life on the planet.
  4. Apply the understanding of maps and other geographical representations to interpret the world and analyze world events.
  5. Apply an understanding of mental maps to organize and analyze geographical information.
  6. Interpret statistical and graphic representations of geographical data.
  7. Think critically to determine the authenticity, accuracy and value of geographical information.
  8. Apply geographical perspective in evaluating how the spaces occupied by people shape, and are shaped by, other parts of the world.
  9. Understand the spacial organization of society and recognize patterns in what often appears to be random distribution of people in places.
  10. Differentiate between a formal region and a functional region.
  11. Describe the human and physical features and identities that characterize places.
  12. Identify the mix of natural and artificial features that give meaning to locations.
  13. Analyze spacial organization and interaction to make locational decisions.
  14. Understand the impact of human migration and its causes.
  15. Evaluate population settlement and distribution in Canada and in other select countries.


Computer and internet connection

Gmail account

Course start and finish dates will vary per 1, 3, and 5 credit course. Distance Education staff will work with students to determine course start dates. Students are responsible for course materials. Please note additional costs may be incurred by students for certain courses.