Resources for Parents and Students

Positive Social Environments

Counsellors at each school

  • Lynne Ratzke, Family School Liaison
  • Lois Vanderlee, BCHS
  • Hans Holthuis,CCHS
  • Carol Falloon, LGMS
  • John Meyer, EXS

Right from the Start

  • Mary Weighell, Project Coordinator
  • Kat Wiebe, BES
  • Allyson Van Impe, BES
  • Kate Rive, ERS
  • Deren Alward, ERS

Right from the Start is a Mental Health Capacity Building Project that offers mental health support and prevention in Banff and Canmore

Bounce Back Book Series Reviewed by experts in early childhood development and children’s mental health, these books are about childhood development can be used at home or in the classroom.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada provides resources for parents about topics including stress, resiliency and healthy relationships.

Teen Mental Health shares information, resources and tools with parents and youth to help address adolescent mental health.

Kid’s Health Phone is a free, national, confidential, anonymous, 24 hour telephone, and counselling service. 1(800)668-6868

Conversation Starters for Parents with their Children about positive mental health.

Supporting Health Body Image Media Smarts provides resources for parents to teach critical thinking skills for children and teens for dealing with media.

Raising Our Healthy Kids Canmore based production company Shadow Light Productions, in colaboration with KayWatson Jarvis, Alberta health Services and Dietitians of Canada, have released a series of 70, 60-90 second videos to support parents, caregivers, teachers and health care providers to help Canadians lead healthier lives.  Some of teh videos are also in French.  Some of the areas covered are nutrition, mental wellness, physical activity , aboriginal culture, literacy development.


Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating supports from Alberta Health Services based on the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines.  

Information from Alberta Health Services on creating a healthy eating environment.

Topics include:

  • Healthy School Fundraising
  • School Nutrition Handbook (waste-free lunches, classroom parties, special events)

Dietitians of Canada


Active Living

Active for Life provides advice, tips and ideas for health and happiness and getting your daily dose of physical activity.


Student Stories

Tune Into The truth - an amazing video created by students from Canmore Collegiate