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The Canadian Rockies Public Schools are found nestled throughout the Bow Valley; a dynamic environment rich in pristine lakes, dense forests and a dynamic mountain range. Communities operate in harmony with this environment taking full advantage of a wide range of physical activities, wandering through the calmness of nature, observing various forms of wildlife and being a part of endless community events and attractions. This is truly a place that we are so happy to call home.




The town of Banff is located in one of the most protected and oldest National parks in Canada. Surrounded by the dynamic Canadian Rocky Mountains this location prides itself on catering to a diverse demographic ranging from adventurous outdoor enthusiast to those who wish to sit down for a fine dining experience after a world-class live performance. Whatever your interests are, Banff has it all.

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Only a 15-minute drive east of Banff, Canmore is located at the edge of Banff National Park and caters to a thriving recreational and environmentally conscious community. With over 71km of multi-use trails, the world-class Canmore Nordic Centre, 5 major ski resorts, hiking, scrambling, climbing and mountain biking (only to name a few!). It’s no wonder why people from around the world flock to experience these incredible seasonal activities.

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A quaint hamlet located 15km east of Canmore, Exshaw offers pure serenity and a quiet escape from it all. The landscape is rich with active opportunities such as hiking, rafting, fishing dogsledding and rock-climbing. 

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