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Photos of typical International student events

Once a month, our international student program organizes a get together for all our students - doing various kinds of social events, outings, learning and exploration of our surrounding areas. The activities we offer will vary slightly from year to year; but guaranteed is that the outings are a fun way to connect as an international community - many of the events we do become highlights during our students' time here. Just imagine the exciting excursions that are possible in the magnificent Canadian Rockies...some examples of what you may do while with our program include:

team building, hiking, mountain biking, paddling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, daytrips to Columbia Icefields, Drumheller, Calgary, dog sledding...









Canadian Rockies Public Schools Press Release Date: October 2015

"To empower students to be their finest-Today and Tomorrow"
“Northern Lights - Canadian Rockies” Educational Exchange Research Project
part of: Fin-AL: The Finland - Alberta Partnership

Canadian Rockies Public Schools is pleased to announce that we have been accepted to take part in an Educational Exchange Research Project between CRPS and Laanilan Lukio (High School), Oulu, Finland.

Three students and two teachers/staff from Oulu, Finland will be coming to CCHS/ BCHS November 20 – 30, 2015. In return, three students and two staff from CCHS/BCHS will travel to Oulu, Finland for a 10-14 day time frame (exact dates TBD) during the spring semester of 2016 (tentative dates are set for the end of February 2016). The CRPS team will be accompanied by Ms. Annette Young as Project Coordinator and Interpreter. The Research Project is funded jointly by the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) and the CRPS International Student Program. Canadian Rockies was one of the successful school divisions selected by the ATA.

The goals of the program are to deepen interest in global thinking, increase co-operation between our two participating countries, nurture multicultural thinking/understanding, and build and explore partnerships between the Finnish and Canadian school systems.

Any interested students in Grades 9-11 at CCHS and BCHS who have a passion for international education/learning, are highly motivated and can demonstrate a desire to be part of a multicultural school and society, can apply. As well there will be an opportunity for two CRPS teachers to participate.

Canadian Rockies Public Schools is very excited for the opportunity to have staff and students participate in this multi-cultural exchange program with Finland, whose school system has consistently come at the top for international rankings for education systems.

More information can be found on the CRPS website by going to “Northern Lights Educational Exchange Research Project.”