Canadian Rockies Public Schools

Canadian Rockies Public Schools are located in Alberta’s picturesque Bow Valley.

We are approximately a one hour drive from the City of Calgary and the Calgary International Airport. Calgary Airport is the closest airport serving the area.

Students who love the outdoors and natural areas will love our location and  mountain lifestyle.

We are also rich in art and culture, making our area a sought after destination for students from around the world. Canadian Rockies Public Schools provides programming in the Canadian School year as well as throughout the summer months.                                                                                                                       



Schools available to our international students are located in both the Town of Banff (Banff Community High School) and the Town of Canmore (Canmore Collegiate High School).

What sets our international student program apart from others? Many things: starting with excellent schools and academic programs, our small, safe communities loaded with opportunities for exploration and outdoor adventure. We are set in a geographically spectacular location - and our program organizes monthly student activities to give everyone a chance to see and experience as much as possible during their stay with us here at CRPS. See for yourself - and picture yourself here! 

Our program!



Student testimonial from Cecibell, Spain


Experiences at CRPS: Lea (Austria), Sora (Japan), Diego (Mexico), Alena (Germany), and Isabella (Italy)


Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) have an excellent reputation for education programming, is accredited by Alberta Education and follows the Alberta School Curriculum. Students attending any of the two high schools within the Bow Valley are assured of receiving a high quality education with the assistance of highly qualified and caring teachers, counselors and staff.

  • International students receive an individualized academic program following the Alberta curriculum enabling them to achieve Alberta Education credits which can lead to a High School Diploma and university entrance.
  • Study for 5 months, 1 year, or multiple years to earn your high school diploma.
  • All students receive high quality instruction from certified Alberta teachers, fostering students to achieve their maximum potential.
  • International students have the advantage of graduating from a leading Canadian school system while gaining fluency in English, a skill that has practical utilization worldwide. Our communities offer world class sports and recreational opportunities as well as the finest of Arts and culture. Whatever your passion is – you will be inspired in the Canadian Rockies.


Banff Community High School (BCHS)

Banff Community High School offers high school students all of the required courses and a select number of optional courses required to receive an Alberta High School Diploma. The majority of core courses are semestered. We do offer courses that run for an entire year such as Physical Education and Music.

The Teacher Advisor Group (T.A.G.) is an important part of the B.C.H.S. culture. All students are enrolled with an advisor and remain with that advisor for three years. Students meet throughout the year to discuss various themes within our school and to share information that will impact student choice, growth and school culture.

We encourage all of our students to become involved in all that BCHS has to offer. We believe that a well-rounded experience during a student’s high school years is critical to growth and learning.

Extra-curricular activities: Cross-Country Running, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Track & Field, Badminton, and Rugby

Clubs: Green Team, High Hopes, Student Council, Drum Line, Travel Club, Art Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Games Club, Jazz Band and Choir

Our School Council is a committee of parents, students, teachers and community members committed to working together to provide the best education possible for all students. School Council assists the school with setting educational direction and priorities. The Council also supports school activities through fundraising, soliciting volunteers and developing special projects.


Canmore Collegiate High School (CCHS)

Canmore Collegiate High School offers a full range of courses and programs for students from grades 9 to 12. All students have the opportunity to register in a program of studies, which will enhance learning and develop the necessary skills for the future.

Each individual who registers at CCHS is encouraged to pursue his or her personal interests by actively participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and by choosing optional interest courses as part of their program of study. The variety of educational opportunities offered at CCHS facilitate academic and personal growth, which are so vital to a well-rounded education. Some of the options include:

  1.  Academic and Option Programs, Alberta High School Diploma, Alberta High School Certificate of Achievement 
  2. Career and Technology Studies: Mechanics, Woodworking, Media Design
  3. Work Place Transition: Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship Program
  4. Fine Arts:  Visual Arts, Drama & Music (Band)
  5. Physical and Outdoor Education 
  6. Grade 9 French Immersion 
  7. ESL:  English as A Second Language Class

We also hope that you will participate in the extra–curricular activities offered at CCHS. The more you put into your high school years, the more you will get out of them. The following is a sample of clubs and extracurricular activities at every grade:

Athletic Teams: 

Boys and girls golf team - Offered in September each year

Boys and girls cross-country running - Offered each September through mid October

Boys football - Offered late August through mid-October plus Spring Camp in June

Girls soccer - Offered September through mid-October

Boys and girls volleyball - Offered September through mid-November

Junior High - Grade 9     Junior Varisty - Grade 9/10/11     Senior Varsity- Grade 10/11/12

Boys and girls curling - Offered late October - February 

Boys and girls basketball - Offered November through mid-March

Junior High - Grade 9      Junior Varsity - Grade 9/10/11      Senior Varsity - Grade 10/11/12

Boys and girls badminton - Offered mid- March through April

Boys soccer - Indoor training starts in February, outdoor training begins as soon as the snow melts

Boys and girls track and field - Offered March through June

Clubs: Be the Change Club, Green Club, International Language Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Travel Club, Social Justice Club, Canoe Building Club, Musical Choir, Games Club and a full Intramural Sports Program.

In addition to these we offer the following school trips: (Not offered every year)

  • Salts: The Sail & Life Training Society in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Bamfield: Marine Biology studies on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Habitat For Humanity: Travel to Honduras to help build homes for the people in that country.