Information for Parents of International Students


How do I apply for a study permit?  Study Permits are issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) usually from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you home - or online at .  If your application to study is accepted by Canadian Rockies Public Schools International Student Program, we will provide you with the required documentation to apply for your study permit.

Do you have a Homestay Program?  All participating in the Canadian Rockies Public School International Program are placed with carefully selected local families.  All of our homestays are safe, clean, pre-screened family homes.  Placements are supported by our Homestay Coordinator.

How much is an extra night’s homestay?  $40.00 - $60.00 per night

What happens if students are unhappy with their homestay?  Our Homestay Coordinator and program staff check in with our students on a regular basis. If problems arise, they are dealt with immediately.  Our Homestay Coordinator is available 24/7 for student emergencies. We try to work out  difficulties together and find resolutions for both the student and family involved.  If after intervention the student is still unhappy, we will try to move the student to a new family.

Do you offer medical coverage?  Medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students. 
This can be purchased through Canadian Rockies Public Schools.   The division mandates medical insurance coverage to ensure that students are protected during the length of their study.  Important:  Canadian medical insurance will cover the cost of basic medical care within Canada including clinic and hospital services.  You will not be covered for dental care, prescription drugs or vision care (Unless as these treatments are necessary as the result of illness or injury). We advise all students and parents to ensure that the student has access to a credit card or a minimum of $1,000 cash to pay for doctor fees. Visits to the emergency room can be quite expensive and all fees must be paid at time of service and then refunded through an insurance claim.

Do you have an orientation week?  Yes we have orientation before the start of the school term. Students registered to attend either Canmore Collegiate High School or Banff Community High School will be required to write an ESL and math assessment tests prior to start of school.

What day do you prefer the students to arrive?  We recommend that the student arrives two days prior to the start of school. 

When do the students have vacations?  Students have two weeks at Christmas and two weeks at spring break.  

Can students travel by themselves to different cities on vacation?  No.

Does the school arrange any trips or activities?  Monthly activities and events are arranged for our international students and their host families. Some of the activities and events include a Halloween/pumpkin carving party, Christmas party, snow tubing, dog sledding, and sightseeing trips

Do you assist with the mark validation process required by the home schools of Spanish and Brazilian student?  Yes. We can provide this service. 

Is there any cost for validation? The cost is $250.00 which includes consulate fees, the fee for the lawyer to notarize the documents, and courier costs.

Is pick-up at the airport included in the fees? Yes. Transportation is provided upon arrival and departure at the start and end of the program. 

Are sport team fees included in the tuition fee?  No. These fees are the responsibility of the student.

Are course fees included in the tuition fee?  Yes; however, if the student decides to sign up for courses or field trips that require additional costs, it is the responsibility of the student to pay these fees.