Mission Statement - Information Services Department

The Information Services (IS) department will advance student success through supporting instructional excellence and understanding the CRPS community so well that the department staff are sought for trusted, insightful and assistive solutions. Our support is focused on student learning and development, and providing solutions that promote our teachers, without compromise.

Core Values:

Our Core Values drive and guide us as we serve the school community. As members of CRPS IS, we are committed to:

  • People: We listen to, respect, and care for faculty, staff, students, and one another, both professionally and personally.

  • Collaboration: We are dedicated to a constructive, team-oriented environment, gathering varied perspectives, sharing knowledge, and building effective partnerships with key stakeholders.

  • Continuous Improvement: We strive for operational excellence through the on-going development of the staff and the organization as a whole.

  • Innovation: We encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of technology services and solutions.

  • Service: We strive to provide excellent service by being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to all.

  • Transparency: We leverage open communications and thoughtful business processes to be accountable in our interactions and our work.