Homestay Program

Canadian Rockies Public Schools Homestay Program provides international students the opportunity to live in a safe, secure environment with a Canadian family while attending school.  All International students are placed with carefully selected host families who are within walking distance of their schools or a designated school bus stop.

Our homestay families are an integral part of the International Student Program.  Their active and enthusiastic participation in our program enhances each student’s cultural experience and ensure they maximize their time in Canada.

All families:

  • have had a thorough interview to determine suitability;
  • have had a homestay inspection;
  • have had references checked;
  • have passed a police record check;
  • are enthusiastic to receive international students into their home

Once the student is placed in the home, our Homestay Coordinator provides supervision and support and is readily available for any questions that may arise. We offer:

  • 24/7 support for our families and students
  • On going social activities for international students and their host families
  • Remuneration $1,025.00 paid monthly 2021/22 school year
  • A fun and exciting program that showcases our school division and communities to the world!

Interested in becoming a Homestay Family?

Please contact:

Martine Grenon-Lafontaine, Homestay Coordinator

International Student Homestay Family Placement Information