Home Education

Alberta parents enjoy a range of choices for their children’s education, including the option of
home education. Alberta’s School Act and its funding guidelines for education recognize the
central role of parents in the education of their children. No matter what your decision about
educational programming, your ongoing involvement and support represent a critical
contribution to your children’s learning.

In choosing educational programs for children, parents need to consider several factors:

  •  children’s interests, learning styles, strengths and needs
  •  the family’s beliefs and values
  •  available program options: regular schooling, charter schools, private schools, or home education
  •  costs and available financial support
  •  time available to support a child’s education
  •  legal requirements related to schooling.

Available on the Alberta Education website is more information. Please choose this link.

Home Education Handbook  

Alberta Education Home Education Programs

Our Division recognizes a parent’s right to choose home education as an alternative for their child’s education.

Administrative Procedures 220 outlines Canadian Rockies Public Schools guidelines on this program.

Angela Flynn is the Home Education Coordinator and can be reached at angela.flynn@crps.ca