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Recognizing the importance of collaboration and partnership in developing an education system of excellence in Alberta, Canadian Rockies Public Schools and Bow Valley College are working together to develop High School Upgrading and Dual Credit opportunities now and in the future for the students of the Bow Valley.  During the 2017 - 18 year, CRPS has established a partnership with Old's College to offer dual credit courses in the area of Toursim, Business, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice.


Our Outreach Upgrading courses will allow returning grade 12 students and others to take high school core courses at Bow Valley College in an adult learning environment. This initiative seeks to increase participation of young adults in post-secondary programs in achieving or upgrading their high school diploma. Outreach students are eligible to participate in the Dual Credit program.


Our Dual Credit program achieves the Inspiring Education goals of creating engaged and entrepreneurial students to offer BVC business courses and Old's College tourism courses for high school students.  Enrolling in college courses as options during their grade 10, 11 & 12 years, students will earn five high school credits and three college credits per course. At no charge to students, courses are offered online, and taught by a college instructor. By partnering with local businesses, we anticipate meaningful connections to current and emerging labour markets in the Bow Valley. The Dual Credit program aims to ease the transition from high school into post-secondary education or into the workforce.


Dual Credit 2019-20


Tourism: Old’s College

Leisure, Sporting Events and Recreation Operations HAT 2355 (Semester 1)

This course provides students with an introductory understanding of the nature and scope of leisure, its role in the hospitality and tourism industry, and the function and structure of leisure providers. Students will have the opportunity to incorporate planning and management concepts to a leisure, sporting or recreation activity in their own community. Wellness tourism and urban recreation trends are also discussed in relation to their economic and social impacts.


Accommodation Management: HAT 2038 (Semester 2)

Students will assess customer needs and develop procedures and management strategies that result in accommodation service excellence. Students will gain an understanding of all aspects of room division management, and experience and evaluate accommodation facilities, with a focus on the analysis of the services and operations from a guest perspective.

(These courses are from the Hospitality & Tourism Management Diploma at Olds College. For more information about this Diploma please visit the Olds College website)


Business: Bow Valley College
Introduction to Marketing, 5 credits, MKTG1101 (Semester 1)

Learners are introduced to concepts, terms, aimed at providing a solid foundation of marketing principles and the role marketing plays in business.  Emphasizing a holistic approach , learners have the opportunity to analyze and apple the marketing mix.  Key concepts include product, price, placement and promotion (4Ps), the Integrated marketing Communications Mix (IMC), market research, and consumer behaviour.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 5 credits, MGMT2901 (Semester 2)

This course covers the theory and practice of effective communication. The course will emphasize class participation through discussions boards, professional conduct, problem solving and critical thinking as it relates to the communication process. Topics covered will include the importance of the psychological factors of communication, clear and concise communication in the workplace, multicultural and nonverbal communication, effective listening and feedback, speaking effectively and efficiently, and the role of conflict management.


Healthcare: Bow Valley College

Anatomy and Physiology, 10 Credits, ANAT1101 (Full year course)

This comprehensive course introduces the structure of the human body and its relationship to the function and integration of the twelve body systems as well as how they work to maintain homeostasis. Learners will gain an in depth understanding of the organization of the human body from the chemical and cellular level to the tissues, organs and organ systems. This course will also facilitate understanding of the terminology associated with the human body.

Medical Terminology I, 5 credits, HUCL1401 (Semester 1 and 2 )

This course offers instruction in the language of medical terminology and teaches you how to read and interpret commonly used medical terms, symbols and abbreviations. It covers rules, prefixes, suffixes, roots, combining forms, and basic introduction to body systems. Fluency is achieved by the use of practice sessions, quizzes and exercises.

Interpersonal Relationships & Communication Skills, 5 Credits, COMM1101 (Semester 1)

Learners explore principles of interpersonal relationships and communication, considering the roles of culture, perception, and listening therein. They practice verbal, nonverbal, conversational, and technology-mediated messaging necessary for effective communication within personal and professional contexts.

Introduction to Psychology, 5 Credits, PSYC1101 (Semester 2)

This course gives students a basic understanding of the diverse field of psychology.  Attention is given to the scientific method, physiological factors, sleeping, dreaming, learning, memory, intelligence, motivation, personality, and social psychology. Developmental factors of the lifespan are explored along with the development and treatment of psychopathology.

Criminal Justice:  Bow Valley College
Introduction to the  Criminal Justice System, 5 credits, JUST1101 (Semester 2)

A study of Canada's Criminal Justice System in the sequence as seen by an offender who traverses it. The structure and jurisdictions of the three levels of government involved are examined, together with the development, role and functions of the police and other agencies, the courts, sentencing philosophies, correctional institutions, community corrections, and diversion. Also considered are discretion, limitations of authority, and the decision points throughout the system.

Digital Design: Bow Valley College

One of the two following courses will be offered Semester 2

Intro to WebDesign, 5 credits, DESN2201 (Semester 2)

DESN2201 introduces the principles of web design and focuses on usability and design aesthetics. Learners explore trends in web publications and incorporate design considerations like iconography, work-flow, graphics, menus and layout. Uses free and open sourced design tools.


Intro to Digital Media, 5 credits, DESN2202 (Semester 2)

DESN2202 covers key tools, filters, and layers in the creation and manipulation of images, building foundational skills in the use of creative production software. Requires Adobe Creative Suite license - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.


Students must contact Ms. Liane Macnamara for a digital application:   liane.macnamara@crps.ca,



These partnership initiatives respond to the policy direction set forth in the Inspiring Hearts and Minds work of Canadian Rockies Public Schools, the Bow Valley College Vision 2020 and the mandate of the Old's College.

“This is another example of the wonderful partnerships that Canadian Rockies is nurturing to best give our students choice and enhance transitioning to post secondary education. We are excited to be chosen as one of the initiatives funded in the province.” - Chris MacPhee, CRPS Superintendent.