Chandra Crawford
Cross Country Ski Racer
Olympic Gold Medalist 2006, soon-to-be 3 x Olympian

Number of years spent at CRPS: 12
Graduating class of: 2000 


Chandra shares some of her fondest memories of our school system and offers words of advice for both parents and students:


I was part of the generation that experienced new schools as they were built. When I started grade one, K-12 was in one school where Lawrence Grassi now is. My memories of that time are of playing on the Monkey Bars, making up magical worlds in the trees near Stan Rogers stage, and stretching my legs against the wall of the school in high-waisted spandex with fireworks all over them at early morning run club, which started in grade 3. 


I love to ski race at the highest level and enjoy the intensity of focusing all my abilities into the pursuit of excellence in a single direction, BUT the details that make my life meaningful beyond that are people I met and skills I developed during my 12 years at CRPS. French Immersion was great for my siblings and I and I'm eternally grateful for the language work in my formative years. I enjoyed the music programs; I was in the choir and we sang an entire Beatles catalogue in matching tie-dyed shirts on Stan Rogers stage and I played saxophone in jazz and concert band right up until mid way through highschool. The key skills of doing presentations and public speaking that are now a big part of my work with Fast and Female can be traced back to 4th grade book report presentations or a 7th grade monologue as Crocodile Dundee in drama class. Photography work and the chance to process prints in the darkroom in the Through The Lens program in highschool forever changed not only the way I see light and shadows but also showed me how one person's shared enthusiasm and belief can change the lives of others. 

In early highschool I learned skills for life when the teachers would use their time to impart the value of world travel (by showing slide shows of trips undertaken at the peak of the mullet-style haircuts glory) or teach us how to identify propaganda through careful analysis of advertisements we brought to class. Later, when teachers were preparing us for provincial exams, the entertainment factor remained high when a certain biology class would exceed 100% attendance as kids who weren't even in the class would take a seat to hear the humour brought to lectures on the reproductive system.


I would definitely recommend the Public schools of Canmore to any family. This area seems to attract some really interesting people. I think the families that live, learn and teach here all display a certain ardour and creativity to make a go of it in this place, and that makes for a richly engaging environment at school.


For the parents and the students making choices about the CRPS I can only stress to take advantage of every opportunity. As a student I enjoyed the broad range of possibilities I was exposed to and was able to dive into so many great directions. There is a ton to get into. Life really is what you make it when you stay open and active with the community!