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Expanding Young Minds While Playing in the Canadian Rockies

It’s always a great day for a school field trip no matter what date it happens to be.

CRPS Transportation is proud to take students safely on over 1000 school field trips every year.

Canadian Rockies Public Schools are enviable places to gain an education and our school trips truly connect learning to the mountains; allowing unparalleled access to incredible outdoor experiences, natural and historic places and sports activities. We really are fortunate.

Our school trips are about skiing, hiking, canoeing, rafting, and outdoor leadership, sports competitions, nature science studies, parks, historic sites and cheering on World Cup events to name just a few. We take the classroom outside on field trips and help students experience and develop an appreciation and firsthand knowledge of the Canadian Rockies; shaping lives in the process.

CRPS Transportation is pleased to work with our teachers and coaches to provide educational experiences at Canadian Rockies Public Schools that are second to none.

If you are wishing to travel by School Bus, Charter Bus or Private Vehicles for a CRPS School trip. Please fill out the Transportation Approval Form at least one week before travel.


Bus Field Trip Info

Please follow the link here for instructions on how to fill out a Transportation Request Form and submit it to our office. (It is included in the Community Coaches Handbook).



Please make sure that all fields are completed on your Transportation Request Form (i.e. hotel information, etc.)

You will receive a confirmation by email from Transportation upon approval of your trip from the Transportation Department.

Please be specific as possible when stating your destination (i.e. not just the town but exactly where you are going)

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