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School Health Advisory Group

Check out this link for a brochure that is available from Alberta Health Services called 'Parents Promoting Positive Mental Health'. Copy and paste the link into your browser.

Please choose this link Fall 2014 Wellness Information for exciting updates on funding in our schools.

30X30 May Wellness Challenge for Staff

The results from the Challenge are in.

Please go to this link

Wellness Draw

Over the last decade, researchers have realized what most of us know intuitively: nature is good for us! It is well documented that being regularly immersed in a natural setting, like a park, field or forest, can lower blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels, and boost immunity. ‘Green time’ has also been shown to reduce feelings of anger and depression, while increasing energy, creativity and even generosity.

Want to get healthier, happier and smarter? Try adding a daily dose of nature to your routine. Starting May 1st, we’re challenging our staff to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days.

click here for letter from Kate Belford, Assistant Superintendent

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