Educational Programs

Gifted Education

The Board recognizes the importance of providing appropriate educational experiences and/or services for gifted and talented students. Giftedness can be demonstrated in one or several areas. In so doing, it supports the concept that every child has a right to the opportunity to become educated to his or her level of ability. Gifted and talented pupils are considered those who, by virtue of outstanding abilities, are capable of exceptional performance

The Board developed a Gifted Student Identification package which is used to assist teachers, parents, and students in identifying cognitively gifted students. There are multiple points of assessment including interviews, file reviews, and assessments.

For more information please refer to Administrative Procedure: 215 PROGRAMS FOR GIFTED & TALENTED STUDENTS


The Canadian Rockies’ Word Smash - Inspiring Young Writers Conference, happens every year in the spring. 

Books and Articles to Share

There are books available for loan from the library at the CCHS library.

  • 'Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom' Identifying Nurturing and Challenging Ages 4-9 Smutny, Walker, Meckstroth
  • 'The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education'   22 books in the series


  1. "Accommodating gifted learners in regular classrooms  Promises and Pitfalls", Michael Pyryt and B. Lynn Bosetti
  2. "Identify Gifted and Talented Learners", Susan K. Johnsen
  3. "Layering Differentiated Curricula for the Gifted and Talented", Sandra N. Kaplan
  4. "A Curriculum of Opportunity - Developing Potential into Performance",  Belle Wallace
  5. "Structured Tinkering" Improving Provisions for the Gifted in ordinary schools," Deborah Eyre
  6. "Technology and the Gifted", Michael Pyryt
  7. "Gifted Education in Rural Schools", Nicholas Colangelo, Susan Assouline, Clar Baldus, Jennifer New

Home Education

Alberta parents enjoy a range of choices for their children’s education, including the option of
home education. Alberta’s School Act and its funding guidelines for education recognize the
central role of parents in the education of their children. No matter what your decision about
educational programming, your ongoing involvement and support represent a critical
contribution to your children’s learning.

In choosing educational programs for children, parents need to consider several factors:

  • children’s interests, learning styles, strengths and needs
  • the family’s beliefs and values
  • available program options: regular schooling, charter schools, private schools, or home education
  • costs and available financial support
  • time available to support a child’s education
  • legal requirements related to schooling.

Available on the Alberta Education website is more information. Please choose this link.

Our Division recognizes a parent’s right to choose home education as an alternative for their child’s education.

Administrative Procedures 220 outlines Canadian Rockies Public Schools guidelines on this program.

Kate Belford is the Home Education Coordinator and can be reached at


Revisiting Play: Analyzing and Articulating Acts of Inquiry

Read this article.

Eye See…Eye Learn®

The Canadian Rockies Public School Division is pleased to announce that we are continuing to support theEye See…Eye Learn® (ESEL) program.  The ESEL program is designed, in cooperation with your local optometrist, to help detect, diagnose and treat kindergarten aged children so they can see and learn to the best of their ability.

We recognize the important link between eye health and learning, and recommends comprehensive eye health examinations for all children, including those entering kindergarten.

Kindergarten Registration

Your child must be 5 years of age by December 31, 2019 to attend kindergaten in the fall of 2019.

CRPS Kindergarten Options:

  • English Kindergarten / Full-time or Part-time (all schools)
  • French Immersion Kindergarten, Full-time or Part-time (ERS)
  • Waldorf-Inspired Outdoor Kindergarten Program (Alpenglow)
  • Combined English/French Immersion Kindergarten / Full-time (BES and ERS)

Choose the best option for the start of your child's learning journey:

Alpenglow School
(Waldorf-Inspired Outdoor Kindergarten Program)

Exshaw School

Elizabeth Rummel School, Canmore   (Early Learning School)

Banff Elementary School



Assistive Technology

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